My littlest niece

My wee-est niece turned one last month. She lives in Quebec so I have not seen her very much but I can say that she super cute and massively smart. I can tell she’s smart, having been around a few babies in my time to compare her to. She doesn’t smile much, but she is so FOCUSED. It’s crazy.

Anyway, this is what I got her for her birthday and I have to say I love them so much that I want to keep them for myself. I might have to purchase some more. They were made by 72stitches and can be purchased here.

Bacon lettuce and tomato sanwich

Bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich

The insides of the sandwich

The insides of the sandwich

I am a crafty person of sorts, but I have completely abandoned all hope that I’ll ever knit or crochet anything. In fact, I have hired someone to complete the projects I had on the go – a scarf and some mitts. I figured it was a shame for the yarn to go to waste.

So for Rose, I also bought a peanut butter and jam crocheted sandwich and some chocolate chip cookies.

I don’t know if she’ll be interested in them, but her older sister might be. We were imagining that their father will be fed a few peanut butter and tomato sandwiches. Or jam and bacon with lettuce and cookies…

One Response to “My littlest niece”

  1. Randa says:

    HA! Love the bacon! I hope she enjoys her new soft foods .

    I’ve been into crocheting dishcloths lately. They are immensely satisfying to make and use. I love how they are 100% cotton, and that I made them with my own hands. And my girl is making crocheted headbands lately, adorned with a flower, or a bow, or just the band. They are just adorable! She’s made a ton for her university friends. They’re in hot demand across her campus, it would seem!

    Miss Havis Ham is now hanging out by the CD collection, where she can look out the new picture window, and watch the birds. She’s quite liking her new location.